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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 25, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's friday, september 25th. coming up on "early today," pope francis takes new york city by storm, following whirlwind towers of the nation's capitol. as he prepares to take the world stage today at the u.n. a deadly situation aboard a seattle bridge. a charter school bus filled with students collides with a duck tour vehicle. and obama gets ready for a one-on-one with vladomimir puti >> plus the donald sets his sights on his next target, marrmarco rubio. earl today starts right now. pope francis haze taken the big apple by storm. he waved last night on his way
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to new york city's st. patrick cathedral. speaking at a packed service the pontiff gave thanks to the nones and religious women of the u.s. >> translator: to you, religious women. sisters and mothers of this people, i wish to say "thank you." [ applause ] nbc's jay gray is in manhattan where the pope will address the u.n. general assembly this morning. good morning jay, a very busy day for the pope. >> hey there. good morning. always good to talk to you. look, the pope from yesterday evening until this evening will spend about 30 hours here in the city but he'll spend a lot of that time doing what he seems to enjoy the most. and that's greeting the faithful face to face. as they have on each stop on this historic tour. thousands greeted pope francis as he arrived yesterday afternoon. lining the roadways in manhattan, waving flags and
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banners, raising their cell phones for a picture. many waiting hours just for a glimpse of the holy father. his first and only stop late thursday where he took part in evening prayers. >> thank you for stoching by. come back soon. >> today's day will be a full one, beginning with an address at the united nations. where he's expected to touch on the environment and peace and open dialogue among leaders. all issues he's discussed throughout this tour. next he'll visit the world trade center site for a multidenominational service. >> he has a very tight agenda and he is the one who said i want time to goo into an inner city catholic school. >> this is the best day of my life so far. >> the students spent the summer practicing prayers and hymns
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they will recite for the pope later today. next the papal motorcade will end the tour with a mass at madison square garden. >> reporter: that iconic arena seats about 19,000. i boat there will be a lot more people there lining the walls and corridors. and there will be a crowd outside. following the mass this evening, pope francis travels to philadelphia. there he'll wrap up his u.s. visit this weekend. that is the latest from new york. alex, back to you. >> thanks there. new york city mayor bill de blasio is calling the pope's visit is largest security challenge ever fwais faced by the nypd. 24,000 barriers. measuring about 37 miles in total back to back. about 409 pieces of concrete block. 818 tons.
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1200 traffic cones. 43 sand trucks and 19 barrier trucks. and we'll have live coverage throughout the day. it was a chaotic scene the muslim holy site of mecca. leaving at least 800 injured. killing about 700 people. a california lawyer and his wife were there? >> from our perspective crowd control was almost non existent. nobody was telling us anything. >> well despite security and infrastructure development this is the latest of tragedies at the hajj. a pilgrimage every muslim is expected to take once in their lifetime. it's 3800 lives since 1990. they have ordered an investigation. in seattle a deadly collision between a charter bus and a popular tourist known as the duck boats.
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nbc's morgan radford reports. >> just before noon a charter tour bus collided with a popular duck tour vehicle crowded with tourists. nearly 100 first responders rushed to reach the horrific scene. a triage was set up to rescue the trap and treat the injured. at least 50 people were evaluated. witnesses say the open air vehicle struck the middle of the bus, shattering the window, ripping off panels and reducing it to a twisted chouchk metal. >> shot across all three lanes at full paid and hit the side of the bus. and people in the bus flew through the front of the windshield. >> the company expressed condolences but said the cause of this accident is not known. on the bus, 45 students and employees from a local college. many of them international students getting ready to start the school year. >> we've had a terrible tragedy. a terrible loss of life and there's been injuries and our
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thoughts the thoughts and prayers of this city go out to even. >> duck tours is a popular tourist traction. the boat is designed to travel on roads as well as water. so it is stronger than school buses but without seat belts. and this isn't the first time. a july 2010 duck tour accident in philadelphia sent 37 people into the water. >> that was morgan radford reporting. over the next few days obama will be meeting with the leaders from china and russia. the president of china this morning and on monday obama is scheduled to meet with vladomim putin in new york. tra tracie potts this morning. >> he's going to meet with xi jinping and tech companies. and there are some serious
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differences between the countries and we are likely to hear machine about that when the leaders come out and speak together later today. >> china suspected of hacking government computers gets another formal welcome at the white house this morning. >> if we continue to be a cheap date when it comes to human rights then we can expect thesis atrocities to continue on and on and on. >> we want to be greater business partners but we have do so in a legal environment where they stop stealing our stuff. >> is it state department insists the u.s. will not shy away from confronting those issues. >> we're going to continue to be just as forth right and candid about those as we have been. >> but china is a key trading partner and the world's biggest polluter. today china and the rust are expected to announce a new deal to curb in additionadmission. and in the meantime putin has asked to meet with president obama. ukraine tops the list.
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>> i hope russia sees what's happening in ukraine and will rethink it. >> they're also expected to discuss russia's support for syria's government. >> obama will make it clear once again that russia doubling down on support for the assad regime is a losing bet. >> insisting their economic sanctions against russia, they are working. russia is becoming more isolated economically, that it is crippling their economy alex. but we're just not necessarily seeing that translate into different action in ukraine or syria. >> yeah. absolutely. not yet. we'll see what happens after this meeting. thank you so much tracie potts. to politics now. donald trump has a new feud brewing, this time with fellow presidential candidate marco rubio. trump made a comment about rubio being sweaty. >> i'm looking at guy likes marco rubio, who has the worst voting record in the united
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states senate. and a young guy, although he sweats more than any young person i've ever seen in my life. i've never seen a person sweat. i've never seen a guy down water like he does. >> rubio sat down for an interview with kentucky sports radio and at one point he called trump a touchy and insecure guy. and later that night. trump just watched a rue owe on television. doesn't have a clue. worst voting record in senate. this is the first time rubio and trump have gotten into an extended back and forth but it seems like nothing new for the donald. a spokesperson for fox news says trump will be meeting with the roger ailes next week and they will be discussing the quote, difference of opinion on the presidential run. and chuck todd will have an interview with hillary clinton and also be speaking with the only other woman competing for the white house, car lie
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fiorina. and bill karins is here. >> a little too hot in areas of the west. they are known for september heat and this is really impressive. strong ridge buckling the jet stream st. exception is the pacific northwest, especially the coastline at washington. you were the cool spot. everybody here from southern california northward, the temperatures almost unheard. 25 degrees above average billings montana. and you can see pretty much from about st. louis all the way to san francisco, temperatures way above average. rainy weather here in the northeast, actually in the southeast that is going to be moving up in the mid atlantic and northeast this weekend. denver 86. 92 in billings on saturday. we're piling these up one after another. not until sunday the cold front finally cools ouch the northern rockies. no such lock in the desert a ma
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map. palm springs, 108. yuma possibly 110 today. and of course also we have that super moon lunar eclipse sunday night. as the sun sets go outside in the west and hopefully you will have that view on the horizon. >> the blood moon. >> you have been doing your research. >> i have. heads will roll as volkswagen trying to big out from their massive cover up. and could be the deal of the day. amazon prime's one day sale. we have details eucerin intensive repair... ...doesn't just moisturize dry skin, it repairs it... ...with a unique triple action formula... ...that gently exfoliates, hydrates for 24 hours...
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♪ there's something in me... ♪ ♪ ♪ there's something in me... ♪ ♪ let's get down business with landon downeddy. good morning.
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>> good morning to you. volkswagen's board is expected to name a new ceo today as martin winterkorn resigned on sunday in wake of the company's emission scandal. volkswagen could also fire several executives including the ceo of its u.s. operations. and amazon prime isally $99 a y. the promotion is to celebrate the five emmy's won by its original show "transparent." and unveiling a new gear virtual reality headset for $99. it will be available in time for black friday. okayulous is olson partnering with netflix, hulu and others to offer more video content and letting users buy and rent film. everyone in sports, thursday
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night football. giants/redskins at met life stadium. eli manning won his 100th game. manning hits odell beckham, jr. in the fourth for a 30 yarder. and they hang on for a 32-21 win. and the kansas city royals become the first american league team to clinch a play berth. and it was all about the 8s at yankee stadium. they honored yogi berra. and in the game one lucky youngster snagged this three-run shot off carlos bell tran. the yankees beat the white sox 3--2. and congrats to the ronda rousey. she's been named one of the
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this morning on today, a look at personal behind the scenes moments in the u.s., and
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details how he's been enjoying his trip, as well as his standout moments. for so many, seeing pope francis, they have come from near and far to be here. it's a trip that's taken many across several state, even several countries. a journey that is about much more than just getting here. it is about being in the moment. here is miguel alma gary. >> they have come from the around the world. the young and old, catholics and the curious. the pilgrimage is personal. salma came from denver with a dream. >> i was just standing there hoping my -- and he just gave it to me. >> for me and then god tell me, no no give him. and that's what i do. >> the walker family is driven by their faith. >> this is a patron of argentina. >> they cram their four children
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into this van way back in argentina. >> we are a very common family and we live our faith very naturally. we think it is about being better people. >> with tickets to see their pope, the pilgrimage took six month, 14,000 miles through 13 countries. celebrating three birthdays on the road, surviving four breakdowns on the side of it. this has been a life lesson in family and faith. three-year-old carmen was blessed by the pope when she was a baby. now the walkers are praying for another divine encounter. just ahead, the duggars are back. at least some of them. plus michelle obama gets animated. details ahead.
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and now to entertainment news. the duggars are returning to tlc. the network is producing a series of specials around the family's daughter jill and je jessa. however they will not include older brother josh duggar. >> welcome to the white house. >> yay. >> i'm the first lady but you can call me michelle. >> michelle obama will make an appearance on doc mcstuffin's. that episode will air october 5th. new at the movie this is
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weekend, the intern follows robert de niro as he becomes a senior. and the --. a place where the world's monsters can take a break from humans. "the green inferno" is about a group of students traveling to the amazon. and emmy winner john ham will play the don draperlike don drooper. it is going to air next year. >> you have had a lot of fun with your kids when they were younger. >> i totally have. okay. moving just a msturizer just a msturizer pa. ...dsn't jt moisturize d ...andorfies skin.
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leading the news, the most read story in the washington post. why some scientists are worried about the surprisingly cold blob in the north atlantic ocean. in this map, the area in blue is bucking the global warming trend. some believe it is being caused by a slowing of the atlantic current circulation which could lead to a rise in seas for the east coast. and russia's vladimir putin calls elliton john for real thi time. the russian leader called him thursday and said he's ready to meet if their schedules can be aligned. >> so other story, ever thought driving a thousand miles per hour was impossible? think again. the blood hound ssc was revealed yesterday in london. faster than a speeding bullet. the super sonic car will attempt to smash the current land speed record next year in south
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africa. the driver andy green set the current record by breaking the sound barrier. >> again? >> i guess yeah. his own record. he's going to do it in south africa. >> there is no such thing as the good crash at a thousand miles per hour. >> they are referring it up. let's go to san diego california, the local zoo's 25-year-old panda is getting a special ordered bamboo bread to keep him full. the bread makes a meal a lot easier. the bear is from china and being studied if for conservation of endangered species. while pope francis took a ride on the pope mobile yesterday, a look alike took a ride on the other side of town. a wax statue headed. if you felt lucky to get a selfie with this pope in time square, i'm sorry so break it to you. might be a little disappointed this morning.
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>> a lot easier with the crowds too. >> i know because it wasn't exactly on the map. did you see the crowds? they were incredible outside on the street. >> i avoided them at all costs. >> you were like i'm leaving early. looking ahead now the 2015 global citizen festival airs live on saturday. and just now to add to the chaos, vice president and first lady michelle obama are going to be there. hosts include steven colbert, beyonce, ed sheeran, cold play. and will smith turns 37. and news woman barbara walters turns 86. i'm alex witt. thanks for watching "early toda a welfare check that went
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wayward-- what led up to an officer- involved shooting in
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san a welfare check that went wayward. what led up to an officer-involved shooting in san jose. and another case of sexual assault rocking cal's campus this morning. the victim this case is familiar with her attackers. apple fans more than happy to pay the price for the latest ipho iphone. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. it's going to be a wacky day. let's check in with meteorologist keri hall. >> yes, it is going to be hot again today standing out there in the lines or whatever you have plann t


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